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Welcome to our Internet Headquarters, and City of Heroes FREEDOM! Here you will find our forums, member listings and lots of treats for you if you so choose to join us on GUARDIAN Server. With lots of options, you'll have plenty of fun with the members of the Legion.



Guild News

The Legion Gets a Voice/Teamspeak Server!!!

Millennium Rex, Jan 28, 12 2:36 AM.
It is the time everyone has been waiting for and asking about: When are we going to have a voice chat server? Do we have teamspeak!?, Well NOW WE DO!!! After researching the web and finding the most reliable and reasonable, I have found that free and easy to use server!!! DOWNLOAD, Sign Up(Easy and Fast), and Join The Millennium Legion (Server > Search), and Get rockin'!!!

SG for Alt Toons Now Up and Running!

Millennium Rex, Nov 27, 11 5:37 PM.

It's now time to announce that The Millennium Legion Supergroup now has a group built just

for toons that we dub "Altaholic" have a place to crash. The main group's growing and we're

running out of room! And so, for us that have more than 6 alts that we really don't touch but would like to keep can now join:

The Millennium Legion Underground!

A Friendly Reminder

Millennium Rex, Nov 9, 11 7:48 AM.
Just a fair heads up for the upcoming months in-game activities will be posted under the calender and in the forums for this years Holiday Events. Aside from the producers themselves, as a group, I intend to deliver a few creative and fun events from the Millennium Legion to the Guardian Server as well!

Now for most of you the scheduling for the Task Forces and Trials are not going as smoothly as one would hope. But, it is not a big issue, as the Weekly "Big Group Missions" will continue. As for the AE TFs, they will continue at a much slower pace than expected.

I would also like to thank each individual member for their hard work in and outside the game, real life is much more important than the successes of a game, keep that in mind. Hope al is well for each of the Legion's members!

That is all for now! Take care and thanks for visiting the page!

Your Leader, Millennium Rex

Room to Grow & Happy Freedom

Millennium Rex, Sep 18, 11 11:22 AM.
Greetings fellows, Mr. Twisted here, filling in for Rex on this update.

We're moving right along with Freedom and the fates of the Freedom Phalanx, Atlas Park, and Galaxy as for the rest of city, in due time will we expect great new changes!

I'd like to address the public on the matter of the seasonal change: Autumn. Fall as most of you well know. I'm to bring news of our Halloween Events ( Forum ) and future of the Legion itself.

With all that being said, I hope to converse with you in-game!

- Mr. Twisted


Millennium Rex, Aug 16, 11 1:13 AM.

A huge thank you! To OnyxPrincess for taking the time to launch our Supergroup's page on Guildportal and to Guildportal to allow the Millennium Legion on their hosted community!

ALSO! New updates and page look! Custom background featuring: Dichotomy: an illustration of our world in the fight between good and evil! Enjoy! New picture shall appear in the member gallery shortly!

SIGN UP, and join our family! @Twisted Mister for more details or membership access!

Again, Thank you!

~Millennium Rex

The Band inspired by, The Legion
We are recruiting only those who can handle the Legion's crazy fast-paced teaming style and shenanigans to go with it. Mains and alts are welcome! Any Level, any archetype, any player. Maturity is a must, it's cool to be spontanious and crazy but have respect for others above all else!
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